Wholesale & Volume Sales

To become a wholesale customer, you must intend to buy 200 pounds or more per season. If not, please refer to our retail sales section.

When you buy from us:

- We only deal in fresh yellow Midwestern morels, morchella species. We do not sell dried morels. Our usual season is mid-to-late April thru the end of May, subject to changing weather conditions.

- We are licensed and certified as a wholesale food handler by the state of Minnesota. When you buy from us vs. Joe, the Mushroom Picker, you are covered by our license as well as by our liability insurance. We have never had a claim in 25 years of business, but it is there for our protection and yours.

- Wholesale orders are packed in our specially designed cardboard boxes that allow ample air flow in and around the product. Each box holds 10-12 pounds of morels and is labeled with Hill’s Morel Mushrooms name and address. If your business requires special packaging, speak to Julie, our sales rep and we may be able to offer an alternate solution.

- All wholesale shipments are sent via air to most major airports or delivered personally by our own drivers, depending on your location. During high season, we run daily routes by truck in the Upper Midwest. We also offer drop- shipping from our Minnesota location only.

- If you have any customer service issues with our product, you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt. We cannot be responsible beyond this time for this highly perishable product. Proper care must be taken and we have no control over these variables.

- All wholesale prices quoted are subject to change daily based on availability. If you choose any method of shipment other than our regular and standard policies, the transfer of ownership and product liability is at the time of outgoing shipment. We prefer our method(s) as we have used them for decades and have a proven positive track record.

Retail Sales

Our online store will remain closed until we hvae excess supply in La Crescent, MN. And with the crazy weather this season, that very well may be "if we have excess supply".

Our online is closed due to mainly one factor. We do not have an excess supply over and beyond our wholesale orders. Our business is primarily a wholesale supplier of morchella species of morel mushrooms. We get hundreds of retail requests for morels and we cannot fill these because our wholesale customers take priority. We have to maintain these accounts because Mother Nature can produce high volume. The trouble the past few years is that Mother Nature has produced morels but not enough to fill our wholesale orders----consequently leaving our online store unable to open.

A second problem we have is the huge cost to ship our retail orders. If we ship to MN or WI there is no problem. Simple ground using Fed ex or UPS is a reasonable fee. And for us to get rates for you before shipping simply takes too much time. We work around the clock and just do not have time to get individual costs. So we are asking you to do this.

We ship via USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS from zip code 54601 which is La Crosse WI. The post office is the cheapest using Priority Express. The problem there is a lot of areas require 2 days. If your temperatures are above 60 degrees, we do not recommend it. A second problem using the post office is that we cannot request a morning delivery. Fed Ex and UPS are cheaper if we ship to a business address. The huge problem is that one lb can cost $65 for shipping. 5 lb shipments can cost $100-200. This is in addition to the morel cost. Our retail prices have been $30 or more IF we have had any in recent years. Packaging adds 2 lbs and up of weight for shipping.

IF and WHEN our store opens for retail your order will be shipped using the service as you request. We will not advise you of shipping costs. You will be liable for the actual shipping cost plus handling cost of $10 plus morel cost per lb. Our store may close abruptly due to our depletion of inventory. We will return ALL deposits without a handling charge if we cannot fill your order.

We know this is not the best system for you. Email us your email address and you will be added to the online store customer list. IF and WHEN the store opens you will be notified. We will attempt to fill the orders as they come in. We apologize for this system that you may find as a disadvantage. But this is what will work for us to get you the mushrooms!

Please do not stop at our La Crescent location and expect to be able to buy mushrooms without contacting us first. We are often sold out, have wholesale orders to be filled, and have sent away many disappointed customers! Also a contact for sales may not be on site.

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Licensed & Certified

We are certified and licensed by the State of Minnesota and follow food handling required practices. All of our products are organic, grown in the wild, and picked by hundreds of “hunters” around the Midwest. Please email Nancy if you require license information.

Contact Us

Our season runs mid-April to May each year, and email is checked daily during season, weekly offseason. Thank you.

Address: 19498 CR 38 (mailing only)
City: Goshen, IN
E-mail: maureen@hillsmorels.com