Caring for Morels To Sell Them:

Our number one rule: Sell your morels as soon as possible after picking them. Mushrooms contain a lot of water, so dehydration costs you quality and weight and therefore Money!

Other guidelines to follow if you want to sell your morels:

1. Do NOT wash them!

2. Keep mushrooms as dry and cool as possible. Refrigerate if not selling the same day as picked. Even refrigerate them if a few hours lapse after picking and before selling.

3. Keep mushrooms out of direct sunlight.

4. Cut morels off at ground level. This protects the mycelium and more morels will grow.

5. Keep dirt, sticks and grass out of the container you are putting the morels in.

6. Do not crush by stacking mushrooms too deep.

7. Do not use plastic bags for picking---morels have extremely active enzymes that generate heat like silage. Instead:

      A. use paper grocery sacks or plastic baskets with holes

      B. use cardboard boxes that are not waxed or

      C. use a plastic pail that you have drilled holes in for ventilation

8. If it is windy and morels are full of sand, do not pick these. We cannot sell sandy mushrooms…which means we will NOT buy them from you!

9. Bring your mushrooms to one of our buying stations as soon as you possibly can. This cannot be stressed enough. During mushroom season, we are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Print out these guidlines here.

Morel Mushroom Care for Personal Use:

If you have picked fresh morels (the most exciting way to own them), and want to eat immediately; Cutting morel in half is recommended as natural insects may be inside!

     - Cut morels in half (or more).

     - Soak in salted ice water for 20 to 60 minutes. If you are brave and it is early in the season, this step has been      skipped, however if insects are present, it is highly recommended.

Hand remove from the water to leave the dirt on the bottom and insects in the water.

Drain in colander and then on cloth towel or paper towels for at least 20 minutes.

Now you are ready to cook your fresh delicacy!

Always cook your morels completely. Never eat raw. There is a very active enzyme in morels and can cause severe stomach and intestinal pain. Complete and thorough cooking will avoid most occurrences.

If you do not want to eat your morels in the next few days or do not want to share them with friends!

You can dehydrate Morels at the lowest setting you have and store in a cool dry place.When using, hydrate in hot water at least 30 minutes. We like to sauté with button mushrooms as their moisture is absorbed by the morels. Adding garlic and shallots are a favorite of Hill’s Morel Mushrooms. Cook dehydrated morels at low temperatures for best results.

You can also freeze them, however we have had mixed results. None of these are recommended by Hill’s Morel Mushrooms but feel free to try and then make your own analysis.

     Sauté in butter slightly, and then freeze.

     Dust with flour, place on cookie sheet, freeze and then package the next day.

     Place morels in water and freeze. Upon defrosting, drain on paper towels at least one hour.

     Then cook with casseroles, pasta sauce, soups, or sauté with button mushrooms.

One of the reasons fresh morels are so popular is that these have the best flavor. Another reason fresh morels are so sought after is that the user is reminded of a pleasant memory in their earlier lives. We certainly hope you enjoy them for whatever reason!

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